Frequently asked questions

-What are the primary features & deliverables of the Todd Durkin Mastermind?

Let’s preface this by sharing the “5 PILLARS” of the Todd Durkin Mastermind program. These PILLARS are the essence of what Todd & the coaches deliver information and content each & every month:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Business
  3. Leadership
  4. Marketing
  5. “In the Trenches”

Now, the main delivery methods, formats & features (for all levels) how Todd & the coaches deliver these 5 PILLARS include:

  1. Todd’s monthly video
  2. Monthly Coaching Call with Todd & Coaches
  3. Private Facebook Group for connectivity 24/7/365
  4. 2 Live retreats annually
  5. Annual Roadmap & Strategic LIFE Plan
  6. And then some.

-How many levels of the Todd Durkin Mastermind group are there?

There are 3 levels of the Mastermind:

-TD Mastermind Institute

-Platinum Level

-“Power of 10” Level

-What is the primary difference between the 3 levels of the Mastermind?

TD Mastermind Institute:

You want all the benefits & features of the Mastermind program but aren’t looking for as much accountability and direct contact with Todd & his coaches. You receive most of the content/deliverables from Todd but there is not as much direct contact or coaching.

Platinum Level → You get everything that the Institute receives plus:

-All of Todd’s emails, videos, and monthly coaching call.

-Private TD-appointed Mastermind Coach that leads your “Group.”

-20 other Mastermind Members in your “Group.”

-Email “Google Group” to share content/threads on a daily basis with your “teammates.”

-Monthly Group coaching call with TD-appointed Coach.

-Quarterly Private call with your Coach.

-2 live retreats per year with Todd, your Coach, and your teammates.

Power of 10 → You get everything you receive in the Institute + Platinum Level + Todd

-Todd leads this group personally and members have direct access to Todd.

-Receive Todd’s personal “W.L.A.G.’s” each week to see what exactly he’s working on. You’re asked to share your “W.L.A.G.’s” with the team and also to be held accountable for your action steps.

-No more than 10 people in this Group.

-Monthly Group Coaching Call with Todd.

-½ Day Private, Individualized Strategy Session in San Diego with Todd.

-One additional Retreat per year.

-Select speaking opportunities with Todd including his 3.5 Day Mentorship.

-“P10” member featured in at least one email (40,000+ people) post & one Social Media (60,000+ people) post per year.

-What is the right "level" for you?

The Institute Level is designed for ALL fitness professionals who want to receive all the relevant and valuable content from Todd, but not get as much accountability, coaching, or personal support.

This could be the beginning trainer or entrepreneur, the budding entrepreneur, or the veteran fitness professional looking for newfound passion and energy while receiving the latest information, strategies, and techniques designed to increase one’s fitness business and life performance.

The Platinum Level is designed for the more savvy trainer/fitness professional whose business is stable but wants to grow. This could be growth of:

  • Revenues & income streams
  • Leadership
  • Personal development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Network
  • Personal development
  • “In-the-Trenches” acumen

The majority of Platinum members have a minimum of 3-5 years experience in the fitness field but many more have 7+ years in the industry. One need not be a studio/club owner but definitely must have entrepreneurial pursuits and desires.

The “Power of 10” (P10) Level is designed for the fitness professional/entrepreneur that is wants the most intense brand strategy and advanced business tactics and strategies. These individuals are typically running high-6 or 7-figure businesses and are either a larger personal brand play or desiring growth/expansion of existing brick & mortar studios/facilities or growth of existing locations. Most P10 members are running teams with multiple employees and have 7+ years experience in the fitness field.

These entrepreneurs are working with Todd regularly on their programs, systems, brand-development and execution of strategy.

Additionally, these entrepreneurs are often currently presenting in the field and trying to hone their writing/speaking/presenting skills to leverage their personal & professional brand into larger platforms.

-What is the private Facebook group about and how does it best function?

This is a FACEBOOK Forum for ALL LEVELS of the Mastermind to trade ideas, post questions, answer questions and to connect with fellow Masterminders. Todd, and his 5 Platinum Coaches, frequently contribute their insights and “takes” on various topics covering business, marketing, leadership, self-Development and “In the Trenches” that are relevant to the running of a fitness business in this platform, as well as email.

This private Facebook Group is a great place to get to know all your Mastermind teammates, contribute content yourself, and improve your networking as well. It is very well received and members comment all the time how much they love to be able to connect rapidly with ALL TD Mastermind members.

-What is I have other questions?

Please contact Frank Pucher (TDMM Director) via email: with any additional questions.



The Todd Durkin Mastermind is the best in class life and business coaching program for passionate fitness professionals. Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS and Owner of Fitness Quest 10, Voted as One of America’s Top 10 Gyms by Men’s Health, leads, facilitates and coaches the TD Mastermind using online virtual tools, voice calls, multi-media and LIVE events. Todd and his Mastermind coaches provide world-class content and coaching in the areas of Self-Development, Leadership, Business, Marketing, and “in the trenches” (exercise and nutrition). The TD Mastermind brings together a dynamic group of fitness professionals where each member is passionate, energetic, and actively contributes and participates. Todd and all TD Mastermind members use the power of a strong team to fulfill their full potential in their personal and professional lives.


The Todd Durkin Mastermind Group exists to educate, motivate, and inspire health and fitness professionals to grow exponentially both personally and professionally. Our members are committed to living by the highest values, seeking truth and wisdom in sound business practices, searching for continuous growth in their own physical conditioning, mental/emotional balance, and spiritual alignment. By being a Todd Durkin Mastermind Member, it is a rite and a privilege that each member strive to be a leader in their business, community, and in the health and fitness industry.


The purpose of the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group is to grow your business, expand your opportunities, surround yourself with other successful fitness professionals, accelerate your results by having a ton of insight, wisdom, and experience at your fingertips, increase time freedom/money freedom, and to have fun while enduring the challenges of being an entrepreneur. We are a tribe of pioneers who collaborate on the most effective ways to shape the fitness industry and improve the lives of the people around us.

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